Start Up Costs and Expenses

Real homesteading, by real families, interested in real success, needs a real plan. A plan that takes everything into consideration—where you are now and where you will be in the future. And every responsible plan for any purposes has an exit strategy. Mature and rational people know it is easy to get into something—getting out of whatever you got yourself into is "a whole different breed of cat".
I am going to try to attach a Microsoft Excell spreadsheet of the start-up expenses for a real, productive, and economically viable (prosperous) homestead, but I don't know how FB feels about spreadsheets or if it supports them. But this is a good estimate of what it would take for a young family in their early 30's to start the transition. For a couple just starting out, say early 20's, all of this could be accumulated as they went along. The older you are, the more capital it takes to make it.
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